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About Equisure

Equisure excess liability is intended to be used if you are sued for an amount beyond your homeowners/personal liability insurance limit. It is outlined in the following documents:

Mem YearBenefits LinkFAQ Link
2024 2024_ARG_Benefits.pdf 2024_ARG_FAQ.pdf

The coverage is for a calendar* year and must match your club "type membership": i.e. if your club membership is individual, your premium is ; if family membership, your premium is . (*Payment via PayPal is slightly higher.)

To purchase, logon and join or renew**. The wizard automatically presents to correct premium based on the type membership you select.

*Which calendar year it covers depends on when you join/renew. Our computer system is programmed so that: If you join/renew Jan-August 31 of current year, the insurance is for the current year.
If you join/renew Sept 1-Dec 31 of the current year, the insurance is for the next*** calendar year.

**If you already joined/renewed without buying the insurance, you can still buy it by logging on, then clicking the My Equisure Coverage button. the instructions are on that page.

***If you join/renew Sept 1-Dec 31 of the current year and you want the insurance for the remaining current year, you need to specifically say so on your check or other documentation and the secretary will adjust your record.